Hot tapping is a specialty service offered by Leak Sealers Environmental to its customers. Leak Sealers has great capabilities when dealing with any hot tapping need. Leak Sealers Environmental utilizes the model T-101 drilling machine. This individual drilling machine offers Leak Sealers Environmental the capability of twenty-eight inches of travel. Also this T-101 meets all NACE Standard MR0175-93, for sulfide stress cracking resistant metallic material for oilfield equipment. The T-101 also allows Leak Sealers Environmental to safely hot tap a service which has a static pressure of 1,480 psi at 100 degF. The T-101 drilling machine has an operating interval between the temperatures of -20 degF and up to 700 degF. These minimum and maximum values of temperature allow Leak Sealers Environmental to handle most of any smaller hot tapping application need. All of these superb attributes offered by the T-101 coupled with the knowledgeable Leak Sealers Environmental crew is what allows us to stay ahead of the competition.