Bolting & Torquing is a service performed efficiently by Leak Sealers Environmental and is offered to each one of our customer. Leak Sealers Environmental’s emergency response team are well trained in the correct procedure for each of your facilities’ bolting and torquing needs. Emergency response teams receive extensive training in the field of bolting and torquing. Each Emergency response team member is equipped with the knowledge so that he or she can complete the job in the most time and cost efficient manner. Also each team member is equipped with manuals if a question might arise before the task is started. There is no flange to small or to large for Leak Sealers personnel. Leak Sealers Environmental
can adjust to any of your facilities’ needs. With a full service bolting and torquing trailer Leak Sealers Environmental will be able to complete the task in a safe, time, and cost efficient manner. All of the bolting and torquing equipment supplied in the trailer is purchased from HyTorq and is serviced on a regular basis. This proper maintenance of the equipment is what allows Leak Sealers Environmental to be able to precisely bolt and torque to any desirable value. This full service trailer along with the correct training of the Leak Sealers emergency response team is what allows Leak Sealers Environmental to be able to take care of every bolting and torquing need your facility might have.

Our top of the line Bolting and Torquing Service consists of but is not limited to:

1. A technical support team to work directly with engineering and inspections personnel while at your facility.
2. Our full service bolting and torquing trailer.
3. Bolting and torquing procedure manuals are available on all service vehicles if any question were to arise and the proper documentation was requested.
4. Any hydraulic pump and wrench applications
5. Any uniform bolt loading applications
6. Selection of the best tightening method for the torquing
7. Any flanged joint application
8. Any bolt break out.
9. Any special application when removing studs
10. Also Leak Sealers emergency response team can apply any particular lubricant as applies for the job.
11. The knowledge and experience of our full service Emergency Response team.
12. Any bolting and torquing questions that can not be resolved from the manual then the Response team will contact Leak Sealers Environmental’s Engineering department.