On-Stream Leak Sealing is a very volatile industry in which Leak Sealers Environmental prevails. Leak Sealers Environmental makes a conscious effort to stay atop this volatile industry. The main reason why Leak Sealers Environmental is able to stay on top in the on-stream leak industry is because of their industry leading emergency response time. Leak Sealers Environmental guarantees that 99% of e
very Emergency job be delivered back to the facility in a twenty-four hour time period (Depending on the magnitude of the enclosure). This time frame starts from the time the leaking apparatus is measured by a Leak Sealers’ Technical crew. Another commitment from Leak Sealers Environmental is that each routine job be delivered in a forty-eight hour time frame. Each one of these commitments help to ensure to our customer that Leak Sealers personnel is 100% dedicated in reducing the customer response time. Even as each job is completed in a very time efficient manner the job is also being completed in the safest manner possible.

Why is Leak Sealers Environmental on top of the On-Stream Leak Sealing industry when it comes to response time?


  • Emergency response team ready to respond to your facilities needs at any time of the day or night.
  • On staff engineers ready to design a custom enclosure
    • Refined mathematical leak sealing software produced by the on staff engineering department
    • Customized three dimensional and two dimensional technical software which aids in the efficiency and precision of the custom enclosures design.
  • An in house machine shop ready to fabricate any custom enclosure designed by the engineering staff.
  • A QA/QC program that allows Leak Sealer Environmental’s and Phoenix Precision Machine’s employees check critical areas of the enclosure through out the fabrication of the enclosure to ensure that the enclosure will fit appropriately when installed at each and every facility.

All these critical areas listed above are the areas emphasized by each employee at Leak Sealers Environmental.