Leak Sealers has a built great reputation in this industry because of the specialty services offered to its customers. These Specialty services are second to no other company in this industry these services are as followed on-stream leak sealing, Bolting & Torquing , Hot Tapping, and Valve Repairs. Each one of these services will guarantee that the issue your facility has will be resolved 100% upon completion by Leak Sealers Personnel. The On-Stream Leak Sealing Service offered by Leak Sealers Environmental is the ground foundation in which this company was built upon. The Bolting & Torquing service is second to none when it comes to the capabilities that can be achieved to the task that can be completed by Leak Sealers Environmental. Hot Tapping is a specialty service offered to our customers to ensure that most hot tapping issues can be resolved. Valve repairs are a staple in preventing fugitive emission from escaping to the atmosphere. These valve repairs are essential in the conservation of the environment.