At Leak Sealers we offer many different options when mending your facilities pump base needs. The first option is to have a Leak Sealers technical crew along with the proper equipment to repair the existing pump base on-site at your facility. The second option offered by Leak Sealers is a full replacement of the existing pump base.

How are the options possible?

  • A full service technical crew ready to mend your pump base needs at any time.
  • A knowledgeable and experienced technical crew ready to complete the job in the most cost effective and safest way possible.
  • A full service Leak Sealers Environmental Field Machining trailer able to carry of the proper equipment needed to complete the task in the most time efficient manner.
  • Leak Sealers use of climax and meridian equipment which allow the technical crew to precisely machine the pump base.
  • An in-house machine shop ready to aid Leak Sealers Environmental at a moments notice.
  • On going training of the field technical crew.

What all is included when the base is repaired on-site (option #1) by Leak Sealers Environmental?

  • A full service technical crew in constant contact with your facility personnel to ensure the task is completed correctly and effectively.
  • The technical crew will measure every critical measurement to ensure the pump will be replaced correctly and no vibration will develop.
  • Technical crew will machine any surface that requires to be machined to allow for the proper re-installment of the pumping equipment.
  • All final alignment will be completed by Leak Sealers Environmental technical crew after the pump has been reset on the newly machined surface.

What is included in the full removal and replacement of the pump base (option #2) offered by Leak Sealers Environmental?

  • A full service technical crew will be responsible for all of the critical measurements required to construct a new base to the same high quality standards.
  • An engineering three dimensional as well as two dimensional technical drawing will be completed from the required measurements.
  • A skilled a knowledgeable technical crew to construct the new base from the desired engineering drawing.
  • A full service technical crew responsible for delivery and installation of the new pump base
  • All of the final alignment completed by a LeakSealers Environmental Technical crew.
  • A turn key complete job

Option #2 offered by Leak Sealers has proven to be the most desired option in this industry when dealing directly with pump bases.