Leak Sealers Environmental uses the latest technology to evaluate your project. Finite Element Analysis is an engineering tool that can be used to determine the structural integrity of a clamp or enclosure. FEA programs used by the Engineering Department can also be utilized to determine fluid characteristics, heat flow, and impact analysis. FEA models are built of an enclosure upon a facilities request. All FEA performed will be accompanied by a detailed documentation report which can be presented to your facilities personnel. On a recent project FEA was used to design heat shields and ventilation routes to allow supervisors and technicians to install an enclosure on a superheated steam service line in an enclosed area. Several other companies turned down the job because they said there were safety concerns. Because the Engineering Department was able to design a FEA model of the enclosure and the surrounding the technicians were not only able to install the enclosure without a mishap, the technicians hardly broke a sweat.

How are we the industry leader in FEA modeling?

A. All of the engineering departments computers have customizable software allowing for faster results and minimizing the chance of an error.
B. We keep subscriptions to major code and software suppliers to insure we are using the most current versions of each program.
C. Customized computers are used specifically for engineering purposes only.