The two-dimensional technical drawings produced by Leak Sealers Environmental’s engineering department are a major reason why Leak Sealers is able to have the industry leading customer response time. Many of Leak Sealers Environmental’s technical drawings are sent for fabrication under one hour from the time the measurements were taken. Some of these technical drawings may be completed in under 15 minutes.

How are we able to complete a full technical drawing in such a short amount of time?

1. The custom software written by the Engineering department intended specifically for the design of an enclosure.
2. We allow the computer to do all of the number crunching which cuts out human error and the time necessary to compute theses values by hand.
3. Allowing the computer to look up material properties and also to calculate the minimum values needed for the enclosure.

  • By allowing the computer to a lot of the work the enclosure are more uniform and produced at a much faster rate.
  • All of these time saving aspects are then reviewed by the Professional Engineer Bernie Grimes.