Picture24Leak Sealers Environmental is a Licensed Engineering Firm. Leak Sealers Environmental’s license is verifiable with the state of Texas. All Of Leak Sealers Environmental’s design work is overseen by a Licensed Professional Engineer. Engineers at Leak Sealers Environmental are accessible to go on-site for especially difficult or dangerous tasks. All of the enclosures are designed and built by the ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code.The Engineering Department at Leak Sealers Environmental is always ready and willing to take on any task no matter how large or difficult the task may be. The Engineering Department is lead our Senior Engineer Bernard (Bernie) L. Grimes PE. Bernie is licensed in Environmental and Civil Engineering in two states. Bernie has over thirty years experience in the Leak Sealing industry. This experience coupled with the work ethics of the Engineering department is what allows Leak Sealers to be the industry leading company when dealing with any difficult enclosure or problem that may need to be solved. Leak Sealers Environmental also has an on-staff EIT who has been training with the guidance of Bernie Grimes. Nicholas A. Swango recently graduated Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nicholas A. Swango has 2 years experience in the Leak Sealing Industry. lamar