Leak Sealers Environmental, Inc. has quickly become a leader in the on-stream leak sealing environmental service industry.

How did we get there?

A. 100% Dedication in the continuous effort of lowering our customer response time
B. 100% Satisfaction from our customers
C. Working safely and responsibly
D. Ensuring that all aspects of the job are complete
E. Growing smarter
F. Growing responsibly
G. Growing SAFELY

With offices located in the Golden Triangle, Houston, and Sweeny, Texas as well as an office in Lake Charles, Louisiana Leak Sealers Environmental has easy access to all of our customer’s needs with a response time that is second to no other company in this industry.

The professional staff at Leak Sealers Environmental have established many specialty services as well as specialty programs which allow our company to move ahead of the competition year after year. This dedication to the pursuit of greatness is what drives Leak Sealers Environmental to continually further themselves from the competition. Specialty Services provided by Leak Sealers Environmental to our customers are un-beatable by any other company in this industry. The specialty programs offered by Leak Sealers Environmental have proven time after time to save our customers thousands of dollars.