One of the most important areas of Leak Sealers Environmental is the in house Craft Skills Assessment Program. This very extensive program allows Leak Sealers to maintain continuous training for each employee. This continuous training of each employee ensures that Leak Sealers Environmental’s personnel are more than adequate to perform a particular task in this industrial field.

training facility
Leak Sealers has an in house training facility where the emergency response teams are trained in many different facets of the industry. This training facility was built using ASME Standards which allows for the system to be pressurized for a more closely duplicated real world application as seen in the field by our emergency response teams. There are five different levels in this elaborate program that Leak Sealers emergency response team members are all apart of. These five different levels allow for employee advancement up the corporate ladder. The benefits of this program are that it allows Leak Sealers to closely monitor the advancement of knowledge of each individual. Also this program ensures that no one employee is left behind when it comes to learning in this industry. Another benefit this program provides to our customer is that this program ensures each Leak Sealers employee has the best in the field training provided to them through this in house program. All of these reason stated above are the reasons why Leak Sealers Environmental is the industry leader in the on-stream leak sealing field.

There are five levels in our Craft Skills Assessment Program

1. Assistant Technician
2. Technician
3. Lead Technician
4. Operation Supervisor
5. Sales / Operations Representative
Operation supervisors are present on every job task performed by Leak Sealers Environmental.

Each of these levels require employees to complete three modules of training before they can be considered for advancement. These test given to each employee allow Leak Sealers Environmental to closely monitor the safety, workability, and efficiency of each individual. The Craft Skills Assessment Program is set in place to ensure that Leak Sealers will always continue to grow responsibly and safely.