Drug and Alcohol testing is administered to 100% of Leak Sealers employees. Leak Sealers Drug and Alcohol Program is a direct duplicate of those requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Our Program Manager ensures that if any updates are available then those updates are implemented directly into the system. This Program Manager is a vital employee in the insurance that Leak Sealers Drug and Alcohol Program it to the upmost of standards.

When are the tests performed by Leak Sealers Environmental?

  • Pre-employment testing
  • Random drug and alcohol testing of 100% of Leak Sealers employees
  • ‘For-Clause and Post Incident’ testing which is standard for the on-stream leak sealing industry.

Why does Leak Sealers Test 100% of its employees?
  • Ensures that no employee is or has taken any drugs in the time around the employment of that individual.
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing for 100% of the employees ensures that all of the employees at Leak Sealers will never enter the job site impaired by either drugs or alcohol.
  • ‘For-Clause and Post Incident’ also helps Leak Sealers cover the basis of industry standards.

Every drug and Alcohol test that Leak Sealers employees take are given at the DISA Center located in Nederland Texas. All of these different Drug and Alcohol testing standards helps to ensure that every Leak Sealers employee is not impaired and is able to think clearly when he or she is performing a specific task. Our commitment to safety is what drives Leak Sealers to have such a strict and stringent Drug and Alcohol Program.