A major reason for the success of Leak Sealers Environmental’s safety program is the weekly safety meetings administered at each branch office as well as at the corporate location. These safety meetings presented by the Safety Director to the Leak Sealers Environmental’s supervisors and technicians are very thorough in focusing on the improvement of safety in the work place. This emphasis on safety is what has allowed Leak Sealers Environmental’s meetings to be very successful in achieving the task of making safety second nature to each and every employee. Since safety is a staple for success in this very volatile and dangerous industry each Leak Sealers’ Crew performs a tailgate safety meeting for each individual job. A tailgate safety meeting is an on location safety meeting where each Leak Sealers’ personnel in the emergency response crew discuss and take notes on the potential safety hazard that might arise when dealing with that particular job. All of these different types safety meetings administered by Leak Sealers are minor steps in a much larger picture which is to keep each and every one safe at all times. If a company is not safe in the on-stream leak sealing industry then the employees of that company are at great risk to injury or death. These unsafe habits and activities are risks that Leak Sealers will never tolerate from its employees. We guarantee that when Leak Sealers personnel are on the job the job will be completed in a timely manner and the job will be done with the upmost respect for any potential safety hazards that might present themselves to the employees during the course of the completion of the job.