Leak Sealers Environmental has been a leader in a volatile 24/7 service, in business going on thirteen (13) years. When we started our business one of our main objectives was not only to reach a goal of being the preferred provider but also to reach that goal with a record of Safety Excellence behind us. After all these years, that goal has been proven time and time again with the quality of service we provide and most especially with the excellent EMR ratings we are awarded year after year; currently our EMR rating is 0.81.
At Leak Sealers we do everything as a team and we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated work force that shares our philosophy of ----- The Safest Way Is The ONLY Way!
The efforts of this dedication have rewarded us in ways that are considered "immeasurable" to small businesses such as ours. We have received Safety Excellence Awards in the past from two of our most valued clients and the Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC) granted us Safety Achievement Awards four years in a row for no Lost Workday cases as well as no recordable injuries. Especially noteworthy is the accomplishment of winning the Golden Triangle Business Roundtable (GTBR) Contractor Safety Award in 2010 as the top Specialty Contractor in the Meritorious Category.
Our involvement within the community and industry in the Environmental, Health and Safety realm includes membership in various professional organizations. The Leak Sealers EHS Director represents us as a member of the GTBR Safety Committee as well as performing duties as a member of the Curriculum and Programs Committee at ISTC. Through our involvement in organizations like the ACIT and ABC we have been able to network our capabilities throughout the Region. In July of 2003 we were voted "Supplier of the Year" by the ACIT.