The Steam Loss Abatement Program
offered by Leak Sealers Environmental utilizes the capturing and controlling of your facilities steam loss. Even though steam is not a harmful chemical released to the atmosphere the steam lost still accounts for millions of dollars lost each year in this industry. Leak Sealers Environmental has performed studies and surveys with detailed reports at different facilities to see the benefits of the Steam Abatement Program. The Steam Loss Abatement program reports are detailed with all of the facts and resources that will be required to save the company money over a yearly term.This program has proven year after year to save some major companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What will you receive from the Steam Loss Abatement Program?

1. A fully trained response team ready to tackle your facilities steam loss problems.
2. Monitoring of the steam loss with detailed survey documentation to report to you.
3. Logical advice on all of the possible most cost effective methods of containing all of the steam lost.
4. 100% guarantee the Leak Sealers Personnel will complete the tasks at the highest and most cost effective manner.
5. A full detailed report on all of the leaks and tasks performed to stop and prevent the leaks from reoccurring.


Why go through the elaborate process of the Steam Loss Abatement Program?

A. Because Leak Sealers Environmental has proven year after year that this program helped major corporations save millions of dollars in a yearly term.